Zdf series “blochin”: a finale in the rain

After four years, ZDF is showing the finale of a series that was dispatched with maximum ambition at the time: "Blochin – The Final Chapter."

Blochin (Jurgen Vogel) wants revenge for the brutal murder of his daughter Photo: dpa

Thomas Heinze was one of the faces of the German comedy boom of the 1990s ("Allein unter Frauen," "Frauen sind was Wunderbares"). The big boy, who could do both in one role: the charmer with puppy-dog eyes and the smug ape, fit in perfectly. That was his big time. Today, in his mid-fifties, he subscribes to playing the smug monkey in supporting roles in TV crime dramas (most recently in "Professor T."), which he still does very well.

Housing project for male victims of violence: a place of refuge

Very few want to show weakness: If men are the victims of domestic violence, it is almost always a taboo subject. An Oldenburg housing project takes in fathers and other men in precarious living situations.

60 square meters for a father with a child or two childless men: In Oldenburg-Dietrichsfeld, men are to get some peace and quiet. Image: Hannes von der Fecht

No names of residents are written on the doorbells, only "Mannersache" is written on the front door of the apartment building. In the middle of an inconspicuous block in Oldenburg’s Dietrichsfeld district is a unique housing project: a refuge in the event of domestic violence – for men who have become its victims or are at least in a precarious living situation. The men’s house is more of a shared apartment: a three-room apartment on the second floor, about 60 square meters, which can accommodate a father with his child or two men.

Who and un experts on glyphosate: not carcinogenic after all?

A UN report now says glyphosate is not carcinogenic after all. A decision will be made this week on whether to extend the approval of the herbicide.

Glyphosate is the most widely sold herbicide in Germany and worldwide Photo: imago/Bildwerk

The controversial crop protection agent glyphosate is probably not carcinogenic, according to UN experts. This is according to a report presented in Geneva on Monday, which was written by experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), among others. A decision on whether to extend the herbicide’s approval is pending at the EU level this week. German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) warned against an escalation of the dispute over this.

Forced prostitutes from west africa: the dream of europe

Thousands of West African women end up as prostitutes in Europe, made docile by threats and religious rituals. Some perpetrators are on trial.

European reality: Nigerian sex workers on the street in southern Italy Photo: Salvatore Esposito/contrasto/laif

Five years in prison for aiding and abetting human trafficking, pimping and fraud. Other penalties include more than three years imprisonment and probation. That is the verdict in a spectacular trial against the operators of the southern German brothel chain "Paradise", which ended in Stuttgart in February after many months.

Aim of the poultry industry: killing chicks without end

The poultry industry does not want to commit to a phase-out. It merely pledges to halve the number of chicks killed by 2022.

The cute little chicks: May continue to be killed Photo: Bernd Wustneck/dpa

The poultry industry only wants to halve the number of cock chicks killed shortly after hatching by 2022. That’s according to a letter from the Central Association of the German Poultry Industry (ZDG), which was obtained by taz. The announcement met with sharp criticism from German Agriculture Minister Julia Klockner (CDU) and the consumer association Foodwatch. The ZDG did not want to comment.

Election promise in great britain: no more aid money for fats

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to educate the British to be more health-conscious. Fat people, junkies and drinkers are feeling the pinch.

David Cameron is campaigning at the expense of the sick. Picture: reuters

Anyone who eats and drinks too much or uses drugs and is therefore unable to work should no longer receive aid money. That is the election promise of British Prime Minister David Cameron. Around 100,000 people are affected, 56,000 of them alcoholics and almost 34,000 drug addicts. The rest are obese people. Each of them gets about 100 pounds a week without having to undergo therapy.

Forest walk in hambach forest: excavators cut water

Hundreds of people have come to the walk in the lignite mining area. The organizer warns that RWE is destroying the forest without clearing it.

Even without trees being cut down, activists see Hambach Forest in acute danger Photo: dpa

"I’m here often and I see the excavators coming closer," says 14-year-old Jamilo. "This conflict between RWE and the coal opponents must end. It can’t be that RWE digs and digs here and nobody can stop them. And the state government and RWE" – he intertwines his fingers – "working together like this."

Pegida in dresden: lugenpresse? Not today

With French flags, Pegida demonstrators observed a minute of silence. 25,000 are said to have come – more than ever before.

Punctuation is overrated: "Mrs. Merkel here is the people!" Image: dpa

There is a certain satisfaction that Lutz Bachmann radiates in the face of the people at his feet. The wind sweeps from Dresden’s city hall tower over to Lingnerallee, where the "12th Great Evening Walk" of Dresden’s Pegida begins. An asphalt skate park with a half pipe and a course is the meeting place of the "patriotic Europeans" today.

Displacement by music in neukolln: sounds really weird!

The railroad is going on the offensive acoustically: at the Hermannstrabe S-Bahn station, junkies and drunks are to be chased away with atonal music.

Sheet of music by Arnold Schonberg, creator of atonal twelve-tone music Photo: dpa

Atonal music is quite special. The notes like to hang individually in the air, there are no familiar sequences of sounds. A dissonant chord can stumble in at any time. Or a sequence of notes that ends at some point, but arrives nowhere.

Subsidies for airbus: trump threatens the eu

The U.S. president announces additional tariffs of $11 billion on imports from Europe because of government aid to the aircraft manufacturer.

In addition to aircraft parts, swimwear from the EU is also on Trump’s list of additional tariffs Photo: imago-images/blickwinkel

US President Donald Trump is threatening the EU with significant additional tariffs over state aid to aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The EU has been taking advantage of the US on trade for many years, Trump tweeted Tuesday. He said the World Trade Organization (WTO) had found that EU aid to Airbus was detrimental to the US. "This will stop soon," Trump wrote. He announced additional tariffs on EU products of $11 billion (9.8 billion euros).