Housing project for male victims of violence: a place of refuge

Very few want to show weakness: If men are the victims of domestic violence, it is almost always a taboo subject. An Oldenburg housing project takes in fathers and other men in precarious living situations.

60 square meters for a father with a child or two childless men: In Oldenburg-Dietrichsfeld, men are to get some peace and quiet. Image: Hannes von der Fecht

No names of residents are written on the doorbells, only "Mannersache" is written on the front door of the apartment building. In the middle of an inconspicuous block in Oldenburg’s Dietrichsfeld district is a unique housing project: a refuge in the event of domestic violence – for men who have become its victims or are at least in a precarious living situation. The men’s house is more of a shared apartment: a three-room apartment on the second floor, about 60 square meters, which can accommodate a father with his child or two men.

Forced prostitutes from west africa: the dream of europe

Thousands of West African women end up as prostitutes in Europe, made docile by threats and religious rituals. Some perpetrators are on trial.

European reality: Nigerian sex workers on the street in southern Italy Photo: Salvatore Esposito/contrasto/laif

Five years in prison for aiding and abetting human trafficking, pimping and fraud. Other penalties include more than three years imprisonment and probation. That is the verdict in a spectacular trial against the operators of the southern German brothel chain "Paradise", which ended in Stuttgart in February after many months.

Premiere of “get german or die tryin”: eulogy to the father

People with dreams don’t like this cold Almanya: The play "Get Deutsch Or Die Tryin’" premieres at Berlin’s Gorki Theater.

The entire play is a big monologue supplemented by sidekicks Photo: Ute Langkafel/MAIFOTO

A man turns 18 and celebrates his birthday with clerk Kozminski at the Foreigners’ Registration Office. On his 18th birthday, he gets naturalized. His father, a left-wing activist after the Turkish military coup in 1980, sought asylum in Germany and produced "terrorist children" without passports.

Verdict against christine lagarde: the willing puppet

She was found guilty, but she does not have to pay a fine. And Christine Lagarde will probably remain IMF chief.

Christine Lagarde with "halo" Photo: reuters

As always when a woman is in the forefront of political power, the main issue seems to be her outward appearance. When Christine Lagarde stood before a special court for ministerial malfeasance in Paris last week, one hears nothing but compliments about her appearance, even when she was visibly embarrassed in response to the judges’ pressing questions about her levity in the Tapie dossier.

Death of fugitive aman alizada: five shots and many questions

A year ago, 19-year-old Aman Alizada was shot dead by a police officer in Stade. The investigation was discontinued. There is a lot of criticism about this.

Doubts about the police’s version of events: last October, around 200 people demonstrated in Stade Photo: Miguel Ferraz

When Aman Alizada died on August 17, 2019, he was just 19 years old. That evening, police were called to the shelter for refugees in Stade-Butzfleth where he lived. By the end of the operation, Alizada was dead. A police officer had shot him five times.