Zdf series “blochin”: a finale in the rain

After four years, ZDF is showing the finale of a series that was dispatched with maximum ambition at the time: "Blochin – The Final Chapter."

Blochin (Jurgen Vogel) wants revenge for the brutal murder of his daughter Photo: dpa

Thomas Heinze was one of the faces of the German comedy boom of the 1990s ("Allein unter Frauen," "Frauen sind was Wunderbares"). The big boy, who could do both in one role: the charmer with puppy-dog eyes and the smug ape, fit in perfectly. That was his big time. Today, in his mid-fifties, he subscribes to playing the smug monkey in supporting roles in TV crime dramas (most recently in "Professor T."), which he still does very well.

Who and un experts on glyphosate: not carcinogenic after all?

A UN report now says glyphosate is not carcinogenic after all. A decision will be made this week on whether to extend the approval of the herbicide.

Glyphosate is the most widely sold herbicide in Germany and worldwide Photo: imago/Bildwerk

The controversial crop protection agent glyphosate is probably not carcinogenic, according to UN experts. This is according to a report presented in Geneva on Monday, which was written by experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), among others. A decision on whether to extend the herbicide’s approval is pending at the EU level this week. German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) warned against an escalation of the dispute over this.

Pegida in dresden: lugenpresse? Not today

With French flags, Pegida demonstrators observed a minute of silence. 25,000 are said to have come – more than ever before.

Punctuation is overrated: "Mrs. Merkel here is the people!" Image: dpa

There is a certain satisfaction that Lutz Bachmann radiates in the face of the people at his feet. The wind sweeps from Dresden’s city hall tower over to Lingnerallee, where the "12th Great Evening Walk" of Dresden’s Pegida begins. An asphalt skate park with a half pipe and a course is the meeting place of the "patriotic Europeans" today.

Staff councils go to court: bamf wants to respect the law in the future

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is fighting with its staff councils in court. Employees distrust the authority’s management.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has lost the trust of its employees Photo: dpa

Munich, Bavarian Administrative Court, Room 1. Theresia Koch seems close to despair. The judge is presiding over an appeal hearing on the hiring policies of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf). "I don’t know how to solve anything in these proceedings," she complains right at the beginning, "if it’s always just about little things." Only to say a few sentences later, "Surely it must be possible to find a solution."

Therapy for hiv-positive people: no fear of aids

As an HIV-infected person, sex without a condom? Unimaginable! What hardly anyone knows: medication is the safest safer sex method for positive people.

Nice and colorful and even nicer if you leave it out? Image: dpa

"It may be that the cure for AIDS was on that plane," says Travor Stratton on Australian television. The Canadian has lived with HIV for more than 20 years, and has been an activist and consultant on the subject since 1999. On Friday, news of a setback in the fight against AIDS reached him as well.

New mayor in johannesburg: optimists feel a breath of fresh air

The new mayor from the opposition inherited a huge debt budget. He wants to crack down harder on corruption.

Has many ideas: Herman Mashaba Photo: imago/Gallo Images

The opposition government in Johannesburg is not yet old. It has been about five months since the Democratic Alliance (DA) took over the affairs of South Africa’s largest city, sending the African National Congress (ANC) into opposition. This historic result in the August municipal elections came as a shock to the erstwhile liberation movement. In the meantime, the DA, with millionaire Herman Mashaba as mayor, has presented a 10-point plan.

Constitutional court on “berlin advertising-free”: direct democracy sabotaged

There have been repeated complaints about the shameful handling of referendums. Now the Berlin Constitutional Court has read the Senate the riot act.

Advertising is everywhere in the city, usually far too much – but there is also some that is okay Photo: picture alliance/Paul Zinken/dpa

Stop your Sunday speeches about strengthening direct democracy! Stop pretending to value the engagement of your citizens!

New eu commission: european label swindle

Ursula von der Leyen has fulfilled too many wishes. Some of her candidates are completely unsuitable for the intended post.

Ursula von der Leyen presents her "dream team" Photo: ap

On paper, she looks good, the new EU Commission around Ursula von der Leyen. The first woman to head the powerful Brussels agency has fulfilled all the wishes EU leaders asked of her during the controversial nomination in July.

Rescue plan for insects: “we must act now”.

More diversity in the fields and less pesticides: with this plan, more than 70 researchers want to save the insects.

This busy little bee is to be saved Photo: imago images /blickwinkel

Smaller arable land with more diversity and fewer pesticides: this is how more than 70 international researchers want to save insects. "It’s not too late, but we have to act now," explains Viola Clausnitzer, a scientist at the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Gorlitz.

Annoying wannabe environmentalists: the knights of the cloth bags

Facebook is to blame! Eco-hipsters – know-it-alls who think they’re the only ones protecting the environment. But they are one thing above all: opportunists.

Popular with eco-hipsters: cloth bags with imprints. Photo: imago/robert fishman

As a woman, you’re always confronted with slut-shaming. That’s when others are bothered by the fact that a woman gets involved in a relationship "too early," has one-night stands or – heaven forbid – wears skirts that are too short, and then they talk about it as if it’s none of anyone’s damn business. It’s a familiar story. A rather new and apparently very widespread variant of shaming in Berlin is eco-shaming.