Reservist in right-wing fraternity: dubious double member

The honorary chairman of the Hamburg Reservist Association of the German Armed Forces is an old man of the far-right fraternity Germania.

Tight right: Members of the Burschenschaft Germania observe a demonstration in front of their house Photo: dpa

The honorary chairman of the Reservist Association of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg, Ramon-Stefan Schmidt, is an old man of the far-right fraternity Germania. An entry in the association register proves that the lieutenant colonel of the reserve was deputy chairman of the fraternity until 2009. For years, the "Teutons" have moved in the far-right spectrum. They have had relations with the NPD and have ties to the Identitarian movement.

Smoking bans: the conflict smolders

Non-smokers are better protected today than they were ten years ago – but not from hospital entrances or in clubs.

The smoke – pretty, but unfortunately also passively unhealthy. Photo: dpa

A contradiction in cloudy form: In the hospital, one usually wants to get well. But to get inside, in many places you first have to pass through clouds of smoke. Visitors and sick people, people in wheelchairs or with plaster legs bustle in front of the entrances and quarrel. Of course, smoking is prohibited in the clinic building. But even on the grounds of the Charite, for example, you are only allowed to light your cigarette in certain places. The only problem is that hardly anyone complies.

Netflix series “freud”: with a smile and scarred faces

The first Austrian Netflix production deals with the young Sigmund Freud. Watching it is, well, a Freud.

Freud’s visage: flawless and bearded Photo: Netflix

Film funding must be thought of as a sometimes rather joyless affair. It should no longer support films in which people smoke, demand the German government’s drug commissioner and German Cancer Aid, for example. And in 2018, the British Film Institute was actually prompted to declare that it could no longer support films in which villains with disfiguring facial scars played a role. In order to integrate people whose faces, because of some kind of mark, did not conform to a common beauty standard.

Commentary “germany speaks”: the main thing is to be human

Zeit Online recently organized "Germany Speaks". Aha. But who actually is "Germany"? And what is spoken there?

"Exchange with dissenters" Photo: rawpixel/Unsplash

When a 68-year-old TV presenter asks a 44-year-old senior editor in a public news studio with a serious look whether "analog conversation" is "still in keeping with the times" – at the latest then it is clear that something is very wrong here.

Column lie reader: us vs.

Ex-leftists complain in the media about "new migrants" at Berlin’s "Kotti" – although they should know better.

No longer sexy, just poor: Kreuzberg Photo: reuters

Kottbusser Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg is now a no-go area. Those who escape with their lives can consider themselves lucky. "Whoever gets off the subway here has only himself to blame," headlined Die Welt. Responsible, by the way, are the "Nafris," quite clearly. That’s what Rhineland police officers call people from the North African region, according to a memo. The super-left residents and migrant tradesmen are fed up, one reads. Few things are as dear to the Wutburger as people with a migrant background who make negative comments about other migrants. Whether it’s books by Tania Kambouri and Akif Pirincci or, say, a guest appearance by Hamed Abdel-Samad at the AfD – the cheers are always euphoric, logically.

Truck industry and entry restriction: no conveyor belt has to stand still

Because truck traffic to Germany is running, there are no supply bottlenecks. Nevertheless, the logistics industry is not satisfied with the border controls.

Truck drivers are only allowed to enter Germany with a negative Coronatest Photo: Barbara Gindl/apa

A few days after the introduction of entry restrictions for travelers from the Czech Republic and parts of Austria, the situation at the borders has calmed down. The responsible federal police directorates reported an easing of the situation on Wednesday. Bottlenecks for goods are therefore not to be expected. But the logistics industry is by no means satisfied.

Eviction of liebig34 applied for: bad news, good news

The application has been submitted: the Liebig34 house project in Friedrichshain is to be evicted. Building city councilor nevertheless speaks of solution.

How colorful will Friedrichshain remain? Photo: dpa

"There is news that is quite sad," says a resident of Liebig34. Bad news after the film premiere of "Indoor" about the house project in Friedrichshain saddens the audience on Wednesday evening in SO36. On stage it is announced that the house has received an eviction notice from the owner Gijora Padovicz.

Column generation camper: camus instead of meditation?

The star of the cool existentialist look, writer Albert Camus, was honored and rediscovered at the book fair.

Albert Camus without a turtleneck sweater. Image: imago /United Archives

The black turtlenecks have long been discarded, but the star of the cool existentialist look of the last century is back: Albert Camus. This November, he would turn 100. In photos, he smiles like Humphrey Bogart, amused, sexy, cigarette in the corner of his mouth. Camus was also "our" star. His novel "The Plague" got under our skin and answered questions about the meaning of life even before we asked them.

Video game series “the walking dead”: clicking through the apocalypse

"The Walking Dead" combines one of the oldest forms of video games with TV serial drama. The resulting sub-genre shows a lot of potential.

"There are no more children and adults, only survivors!" the game says. Image: screenshot:

Things aren’t going well for Lee Everett, in the point and click episodic game "The Walking Dead." The condemned convict is being transferred just as the zombie crisis takes its course. After a brief dialogue with the cop at the wheel of the patrol car, the first undead enters the scene – and right in front of the car. When Everett regains consciousness after the accident, the world is a different place. Zombified victims crawl around, first and foremost the sheriff, with whom they just chatted and who now meets his end rudely.

Short films about jerusalem: all-round view at the checkpoint

Director Dani Levy has made four virtual reality short films about Jerusalem. They can be seen in a Berlin exhibition.

A somewhat different film experience: the 360-degree view with virtual reality glasses Photo: dpa

Regular riots, constant provocations and a peace process that is more illusory than real – this is the feeling of everyday life in Jerusalem, the city that both Jewish people and Palestinians* call their capital.