New eu commission: european label swindle

Ursula von der Leyen has fulfilled too many wishes. Some of her candidates are completely unsuitable for the intended post.

Ursula von der Leyen presents her "dream team" Photo: ap

On paper, she looks good, the new EU Commission around Ursula von der Leyen. The first woman to head the powerful Brussels agency has fulfilled all the wishes EU leaders asked of her during the controversial nomination in July.

Rescue plan for insects: “we must act now”.

More diversity in the fields and less pesticides: with this plan, more than 70 researchers want to save the insects.

This busy little bee is to be saved Photo: imago images /blickwinkel

Smaller arable land with more diversity and fewer pesticides: this is how more than 70 international researchers want to save insects. "It’s not too late, but we have to act now," explains Viola Clausnitzer, a scientist at the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Gorlitz.

Annoying wannabe environmentalists: the knights of the cloth bags

Facebook is to blame! Eco-hipsters – know-it-alls who think they’re the only ones protecting the environment. But they are one thing above all: opportunists.

Popular with eco-hipsters: cloth bags with imprints. Photo: imago/robert fishman

As a woman, you’re always confronted with slut-shaming. That’s when others are bothered by the fact that a woman gets involved in a relationship "too early," has one-night stands or – heaven forbid – wears skirts that are too short, and then they talk about it as if it’s none of anyone’s damn business. It’s a familiar story. A rather new and apparently very widespread variant of shaming in Berlin is eco-shaming.

Messaging app “bylock” in turkey: suspicious messenger

More and more people in Turkey are being arrested for communicating via the app "ByLock". What is behind it?

"Cumhuriyet" authors stand trial Photo: ap

The most common charge in arrests related to last year’s coup attempt in Turkey is the use of the messenger app ByLock. The recent trial of journalists from the daily Cumhuriyet shows how this accusation has become a tool of the government. For example, Cumhuriyet writer Kadri Gursel is on trial for "contacting people who used ByLock." But why is the use of the news app being prosecuted as a crime?

Reservist in right-wing fraternity: dubious double member

The honorary chairman of the Hamburg Reservist Association of the German Armed Forces is an old man of the far-right fraternity Germania.

Tight right: Members of the Burschenschaft Germania observe a demonstration in front of their house Photo: dpa

The honorary chairman of the Reservist Association of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg, Ramon-Stefan Schmidt, is an old man of the far-right fraternity Germania. An entry in the association register proves that the lieutenant colonel of the reserve was deputy chairman of the fraternity until 2009. For years, the "Teutons" have moved in the far-right spectrum. They have had relations with the NPD and have ties to the Identitarian movement.

After hanau: signs that encourage

Right-wing terrorists want to instill fear in society. But their self-confidence is growing. The murderers will not achieve their goal.

Demonstration in Hanau after the attack Photo: Bernd Hartung

After Hanau, there must be no "more of the same!", is the message at demonstrations and in editorials. But what follows from this? It was the third time that a racist attack was carried out in Germany along the lines of a rampage. The motive: racism. The most frightening insight from these crimes is that the murderers are in our midst and can strike again at any time.

Smoking bans: the conflict smolders

Non-smokers are better protected today than they were ten years ago – but not from hospital entrances or in clubs.

The smoke – pretty, but unfortunately also passively unhealthy. Photo: dpa

A contradiction in cloudy form: In the hospital, one usually wants to get well. But to get inside, in many places you first have to pass through clouds of smoke. Visitors and sick people, people in wheelchairs or with plaster legs bustle in front of the entrances and quarrel. Of course, smoking is prohibited in the clinic building. But even on the grounds of the Charite, for example, you are only allowed to light your cigarette in certain places. The only problem is that hardly anyone complies.

Netflix series “freud”: with a smile and scarred faces

The first Austrian Netflix production deals with the young Sigmund Freud. Watching it is, well, a Freud.

Freud’s visage: flawless and bearded Photo: Netflix

Film funding must be thought of as a sometimes rather joyless affair. It should no longer support films in which people smoke, demand the German government’s drug commissioner and German Cancer Aid, for example. And in 2018, the British Film Institute was actually prompted to declare that it could no longer support films in which villains with disfiguring facial scars played a role. In order to integrate people whose faces, because of some kind of mark, did not conform to a common beauty standard.

New elections in israel again: majorities are completely unclear

Budget negotiations fail and the Knesset dissolves. On March 23, Israel elects a new parliament for the fourth time in two years.

Masks show Prime Minister Netanyahu and alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz Photo: Oded Balilty/ap

As the clock struck midnight in Israel, it was official: the deadline to pass the 2020 budget expired, the Knesset automatically dissolves as a result, and Israel will go to the polls for a fourth time in two years on March 23, 2021.

Commentary “germany speaks”: the main thing is to be human

Zeit Online recently organized "Germany Speaks". Aha. But who actually is "Germany"? And what is spoken there?

"Exchange with dissenters" Photo: rawpixel/Unsplash

When a 68-year-old TV presenter asks a 44-year-old senior editor in a public news studio with a serious look whether "analog conversation" is "still in keeping with the times" – at the latest then it is clear that something is very wrong here.