Rainbow flag over baghdad: eu sets a sign against homophobia

The EU raises the rainbow flag in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and provokes a scandal. Iraq’s government is outraged.

Controversy over rainbow flag in the Iraqi capital (but here only a symbolic image) Photo: Ralph Peters/imago

"Great. Brave. Overdue," shout some; "Scandal!" scream others: On the International Day against Homo-, Bi-, Inter- and Transphobia, the European Union, this stronghold of enlightenment, raised the rainbow flag on Sunday – and not just at home in colorful Brussels, but in the middle of the capital of Iraq: at the EU representation in Baghdad.

Art scandal in dresden: on and under the carpet

Dresden is cosmopolitan, but also the founding city of Pegida. Ekici seeks dialogue with the installation "PostIt".

Until July 5, the art installation "PostIt" by Nezaket Ekici will remain in front of the Dresden Regional Court. Photo: Uwe Rommel

"The dialogue has gone in a completely wrong direction," says German-Turkish artist Nezaket Ekici after her installation "PostIt" was restored in front of the Regional Court in Dresden. She is surprised and hurt by the Islamophobic writing on her work, because she wanted to initiate a dialogue to bring cultures closer together. Instead, Dresden is showing hostility.

Animal welfare and factory farming: pigs as indoor furnishings.

The consumer wants cheap meat. He gets an animal welfare label that still allows docking and tolerates missing lying areas.

Slatted floors are said to make pigs sick. Picture: dpa

It’s so easy to forget how creative pigs are. "They quickly made it clear to us: what we do, we decide ourselves!" says Karl Harleb. Pigs want to "design their own homes. Where is my kitchen, my dining room, my bedroom?"