More money for education in bremen: to learn in the big city

Starting next year, Bremen will receive more money for the admission of students from Lower Saxony – it is the first increase in more than 20 years.

Better learning in Bremen: Every day 2100 pupils commute from Lower Saxony Photo: dpa

Lower Saxony must pay Bremen more money in the future for students who attend school in Bremen. An agreement to this effect was signed by Lower Saxony’s Minister of Education Frauke Heiligenstadt and Bremen’s Senator for Education Claudia Bogedan (both SPD) yesterday, Monday, in Weyhe. The agreement will come into force from August next year.

Ventilation as protection against corona: large classes, small windows

The GEW teachers’ union criticizes the fact that many schools in Bremen only have tilting windows. The city wants to act – but does not know where this is necessary.

Males on the window need less air than those behind it Photo: Chromorange/imago

The specifications are clear: When school starts in Bremen on Wednesday, classrooms should be "intensively ventilated with wide-open windows during every (!) lesson break," according to the Indoor Air Hygiene Commission at the Federal Environment Agency; after short 5-minute breaks, also during lessons. Fresh air is currently the means of choice as protection against aerosols, packed with nasty viruses.

Power column: that’s what princesses are for

Merkel’s tatting affair points above all to the dubiousness of political stagings. "Citizens’ dialogues" are superfluous.

Angela Merkel, self-stroking. Photo: dpa

This is the stuff of fairy tales: A desperate child meets a benevolent ruler. She mercifully takes care of the little one, helps her out of her misery, and if they haven’t died, they’re still alive today. In reality, such a scene is somewhat different, and that’s why Angela Merkel now has a problem.

Too few after-school care places in bremen: no room for children

Although the expansion of all-day schools is moving forward, the number of after-school places has not changed since 2013. Certain districts in particular are affected.

In short supply in some Bremen districts: an after-school place Photo: dpa

The city of Bremen offers too little after-school care for primary school children. This is the result of an answer to a question from the Left faction. According to it, 368 children are on the waiting list, mainly from Blumenthal and Huchting. For single parents, this can become a major problem. Kristina Vogt (Die Linke) calls the situation "grossly negligent".