Top match in the bundesliga: nuance plus

Borussia Dortmund comes within a whisker of the champions in its 2:3 loss to Munich. But Bayern are simply more efficient – once again.

Duel of the steam rams: Jerome Boateng (Bayern) defends Erling Haaland Photo: Martin Meissner/ap

Only one of the protagonists was deeply saddened after the match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern had come to an end. The Munich team was celebrating its precious 3:2 victory, only Joshua Kimmich had long since disappeared into the dressing room, his knee aching and looking to the near future.

Market domination of the dfb: mafia with monopoly position

In Leipzig, an alternative association is fighting for attention and trying to establish itself as a counter-model to the DFB. It doesn’t stand a chance.

"Football mafia DFB!" resounded from the stands at the match between Union Berlin and Werder Bremen Photo: dpa

In Berlin, in that stadium with the droll name "An der Alten Forsterei", it was again totally atmospheric on Saturday. Union played against Werder Bremen. It was always especially loud when referee Tobias Welz used the video evidence. "Football mafia DFB!" was then chanted from the stands.

Usa at the world basketball championships: a chance for redemption

On the U.S. basketball team, the much-maligned DeMarcus Cousins gets a chance to redeem himself. So far, he’s succeeding admirably.

Has the reputation of a hard-to-educate man: DeMarcus Cousins. Picture: ap

Who knows the eternally positive team spirit mantra of Mike Krzyzewski, should not have been surprised about the praise of the coach of the US basketball selection. "We’re just incredibly pleased with him," the 67-year-old has been repeating consistently for weeks. "We appreciate his attitude, his passion, his commitment – and his talent." The one so lauded is DeMarcus Cousins, 24-year-old center from the Sacramento Kings – and arguably "Coach K’s" most special assignment at this World Basketball Championships. Krzyzewski has traveled to Spain for the tournament with the youngest selection of NBA players ever, due in part to many cancellations by big stars.